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Jacksonville Retriever Club Information

The Lazy J Ranch is accessible to all current JRC members under the following conditions:

1. Those who train on the JRC grounds must call the landowners (Joe and Dottie Wattleworth) ahead of time at 203-554-4647and leave a message as to when you will be training there.

2. Be sure to close all gates.

3. Be respectful of other trainers. In other words, give other club members plenty of space. If there's a question about whether you're too close, you're probably crowding, so it's best to find another spot.

4. We ask that those who choose to train at Joe's help at JRC Hunt Tests and Field Trials. We hold three formal events a year ---- two field trials and a hunt test.

5. A word of caution: In the spring and summer, alligators visit all of the ponds. Generally, they're not a problem, but common sense is recommended. Train at your own risk.

6. Please help to clean up before you leave even if its not your waste.

7. Do not dump any trash in the PORTA-POTTI's.